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Publié le 3 Mars 2012

Le 22 janvier dernier, le New York Times a publié un article mentionnant les 45 lieux où aller en 2012. Parmi les destinations bien tentantes figurent la baie d'Halong (15ème), Dubrovnik (36ème), Tokyo (6ème), St Vincent (17ème), Vienne  (24ème) et la seule ville française mentionnée ... Montpellier (40ème), sans blague ;))


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Voici le commentaire du New York Times :


   " Montpellier, France - France’s eighth-largest city is dressing up in designer style.

   The most celebrated architect in France, Jean Nouvel, and a collaborator, François Fontès, introduced their blue and cube-like city hall in November, and early next year Mr. Nouvel’s RBC Design Center — another coolly modernist structure that will house the RBC brand’s furniture showroom — is to open its doors in this medieval, student-filled Mediterranean city.

    Even more innovative, the long-awaited Pierres Vives Building from the star architect Zaha Hadid will be ready by year’s end. A long, sprawling edifice of swirly white concrete layers and green-tinted glass, the futuristic structure will hold a library, archives and municipal offices.

     And to reach them, the city is installing what may be Europe’s sexiest tram system. The two existing lines sport exteriors of kaleidoscopic birds and flowers by Christian Lacroix, and two new lines with Mr. Lacroix’s trademark color-soaked style are on their way. Both will make their debut this spring with an underwater design theme and a solar theme, respectively, along roughly 17 miles of new track. Think of it as France’s longest fashion runway. SETH SHERWOOD"


Voici le lien vers l'article complet  (4 pages à faire défiler), Yeeaaahh !!


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Une affiche que l'on peut voir sur de nombreux panneaux publicitaires depuis la publication du New York Times :




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jungfamily 06/03/2012 22:04

Coucou Clo ! Vraiment très chouette idée, merci d'avoir pensé à moi !! Je prépare ça ! Bises, Am.

Clo V 05/03/2012 18:06

Coucou !
Si ça te dit, il y a un petit jeu pour toi sur mon blog !